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In today’s highly competitive world, your product must stand out from competition in every sense. Most of the time, this means its quality should be better than others. Note though that its packaging should look equally impressive, too. After all, packaging affects purchasing decisions.

In fact, did you know that one-third of consumer decision-making is solely based on packaging? On its own, your packaging is a representation of your brand and your entire company. More so, it reflects your ability to deliver the quality product experience that your brand promises. And remember, the more your customers value your brand, the more likely they are to keep working with you.

That said, it is quite easy to customize your packaging to better appeal to consumers. To help you get started, here are some clever ideas on how you can increase sales through product customization of your packaging:

Customized Gift Boxes

A customized gift box is essential if you want to deliver a unique unboxing experience to your customer. Think of this beautifully-crafted gift box as a way to communicate to your customer the quality product that is waiting inside for them.

The best part is you can customize a gift box for your brand to the last detail. For example, the color can be specific to your signature corporate colors, and you can choose the kind of closure system as well.

To give the impression of an actual gift, consider opting for a bow design that also doubles as the box closure. Similarly, you can also opt for a simple fold-over flap system on top of the box for easy opening. Meanwhile, some gift boxes may also be opened from the side. This is the case for gift tote boxes and chest gift boxes.

Customizable Envelopes and Folders

Envelopes are not just for letters anymore. If you’re intent on solidifying your brand experience, consider making branded envelopes part of your overall strategy. This is especially helpful if your business involves sending sales kits or literature that further explains how to use your product.

If your kit also happens to have a lot of printed materials, consider going for a customizable folder, some of which are designed to hold as many as 20 sheets of paper. Others also come with two interior pockets so you can arrange your product literature to appear like a book. Even better, you can also have a specific pocket included for your business card.

If your sales or literature kit comes with promotional items like keychains and pens, consider opting for an envelope instead. Not only do they have more room, but they also come with a closure system that will protect the contents from the elements.

Consider these customizable packaging options for your company. Start by testing out several types and see which ones appeals to your target market the most. With the right packaging, your product will be easier to remember, making it the top-of-mind choice for your customer.


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