Crawford Blog • Revamp Company Image with Promotional Packaging

In the 21st-century marketplace, brand image is everything. The reputation of your company and your brand could mean the difference between success and failure, and it is important to safeguard that image with everything you’ve got.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for the reputation of your brand, and your company, to be damaged, and many times the circumstances are beyond your control. Maybe it started with a disgruntled former employee spreading lies on social media or posting negative reviews on Perhaps a disagreement with a customer spiraled out of control, leading to a Yelp campaign or a series of unflattering tweets. No matter what the reason, people now view your company with suspicion, and you need a way to revamp the company image and rebuild your customer relationships.

No matter what kind of company you own or what kinds of products you sell, it is important to develop a strategy for regaining your reputation and rebuilding your brand. While there will be many facets to this endeavor, the right promotional packaging can help a lot.

Promotional packaging is one of the best ways to create a positive image, and one of the best ways to rebuild your image after an unfortunate incident. Promotional packaging creates brand awareness, and that is a very positive thing. When used in conjunction other reputation management tactics, promotional packaging can be a powerful tool in regaining a positive company image.

Promotional packaging can also help your brand stand out in a crowd, always an important strategy for success. Standing head and shoulders above the crowd is even more important when you are rebuilding your brand identity, and the more you can differentiate yourself from the competition, the more successful your rebuilding efforts will be.

In addition to the differentiation angle, the right promotional angle can also create a unique bond with your customers. Modern consumers are looking for more than great products – they want to feel a connection with the things they buy. Every successful brand, from Apple to Coca-Cola, has found a way to harness promotional packaging and turn it to their advantage. Damaged brands have also used this strategy to great success, and the more you know about promotional packaging the easier it will be to rebuild your lost reputation and create a positive brand image.

Revamping a damaged brand identity in the wake of an audience-related issue is always a hard thing to do, but quality promotional packaging can be a big help no matter what the source of the original problem. Whether your current negative status in the marketplace is due to a simple misunderstanding, an innocent social media misstep or something more serious, promotional packaging can provide you with an inexpensive form of marketing while differentiating your brand and rebuilding your shattered image. Promotional packaging can be an important part of any marketing campaign, but its importance is even greater when revamping a damaged company image.