Crawford Blog • Using Packaging to Launch a New Promotional Product or Promotional Event


When the time comes to expand or launch a new promotion, the packaging plays a key role in both old and new products. After all, your brand is identified in stores mainly by what is shown on its appearance. Through the strategic use of marketing on your packaging, your new promotional product or event can be an enormous success.

Not everyone sees your other advertisements.
You can spend millions on advertisement and still miss the perfect prospect for your product.  Social media campaigns, billboards, TV and radio all can still miss key members of your target audience. The one place consumers can’t miss an advertisement is on your packaging. The consumer needs to interact with your packaging, even if it’s just to read what the product is for or to open it. That’s what makes this the ideal location to launch new promotions. When other forms of marketing fail, your packaging always speaks the latest news.

It’s all you control when products are on the shelves.
Each retailer can decide how to treat your product. You know your new promotional product or event is exciting, but you can’t guarantee retailers will advertise it for you at the front door. Make it so that your packaging will always stand out, regardless of where each individual retailer places it within the store. It’s also the only place you can promise people will see your latest event, giveaway or upcoming thing to look for.

Brand identity sells itself to loyal customers.
To repeat customers that enjoy a product you provide, packaging is the ideal place to identify your brand. It lets them know this new product is made by the same company they already enjoy, making them significantly more likely to purchase your new product or participate in a new promotional event. Branding your new promotion is key to keeping your existing consumers

Packaging decides if retailers stock your newest product.
Distributors that already stock your product and have found it successful are more willing to purchase your new promotional product. Depending on brand recognition, retailers may decide to buy or skip on your product. As with consumers, the packaging is the first thing they will consider. Having clearly labeled purpose could mean the difference between thousands or millions of sales just by facilities purchasing your product as a good fit for their customers.  When considering how to launch a new product or promotional event, start with your packaging. Through tactful use of space and awareness of your promotion, loyal and new customers alike will flock to it — all because they saw it on the package.