News • Make An Impression At Your Next Trade Show

There are many reasons to make sure you have a promotional budget for your next trade show. These shows are a chance for you to communicate your brand, generate prospects, and share what makes your company worth remembering. For maximum impact, you will need to be prepared by budgeting for products that stand out.

Five of the most important reasons are:

  1. People love free things. There’s an¬†expectation at most trade shows that attendees will receive more than a few promotional items. There is also a mindset of “you get what you pay for” that lowers expectations for these giveaways. When your promotional material are higher quality, they have a more substantial impact even after they are stowed away with the other items they have received.
  2. Setting aside a portion of your budget for promotional materials allows you to order more than just cozies and pens. Think about the things you use constantly in your office: binders, boxes, other organizing and packaging materials. People will seek out these items that they can utilize and pay less attention to the tee shirts and thin hats.
  3. Creative, engaging binders, boxes, and other packaging materials will not only be useful but will be used and stand out. When you budget for these items to be well made and designed by professionals, the promotional items are more likely to draw the eye of someone milling through crowded trade show aisles.
  4. Your bright and useful promotional items will draw the eye of attendees from across the room. They will be more interested in stopping to talk to you and you have the time to communicate your brand. You can start a successful business relationship with the right eye catching materials, if you are prepared with a budget beforehand.
  5. Well made and creatively designed materials will be used after the trade show. That’s multiple impressions day after day of your brand targeted to potential customers. Yours will be the binder, the organizer, the box, or the stand that the executive assistant is using to pass on reports and files because your business budgeted for something better than average.

Preparing to budget and then purchase quality items for marketing will have a positive impact on everything you do at the trade shows you attend.  And remember, you know where to find us if you ever need help with promotional packaging materials for your events!