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asfwerThere is a reason that when you see that talking, green lizard on a billboard, you know exactly what he’s about. It’s because his marketers understood the human brain and how visual we are as a species. Despite lizards having absolutely nothing to do with car insurance, we still make connections from a company’s branding to their overall message.


For that reason, packaging is a great opportunity to get your message in front of your customer in a way that not only cements your brand in their visual memory, but also serves your customer.  Sheila Gay, Marketing Expert and Managing Publisher of the Woodward News said it best in one of her recent articles.


“What people don’t understand is that when a customer recognizes a brand symbol or a name, it actually lowers their anxiety level and increases the likelihood that they’ll buy from you,” she said.  This principle applies to all types of packaging – from custom marketing materials at tradeshows to product packaging used for shipping.


According to Gay, the following simple guidelines can help your customer feel like they know you, create a connection with your brand and use your packaging to recall or offer information to friends about your service or product or just keep it for fun:

Keep It Simple

Packaging need not be busy or overwhelming to attract and inform your customers. Create packaging designs that offer large, easy to read or see company logos that feature your company’s colors.  You can also include more informative descriptions of your company’s services within your packaging as well.  A prime example of this would be if you’re creating a new design for custom binders.  If you’re giving these items away at a tradeshow, be sure to include a sell sheet or flyer within the flaps.


Give Customers a Reason to keep it

There are many reasons a customer might keep your packaging around.  If you offer quick and easy to access information on your materials, it is often the first thing a busy customer will reach for when they need your contact information. But also, if you are creative with your packaging, such as including some fun designs on your handout cards or presentation materials, prospects are more likely to purchase services from you.  Creativity is key in today’s consumer marketing landscape.


Keep it Green

These days, merchants who invest either in reusable materials or packaging that is composed of materials that have been recycled are tipping the scales in their favor.  Consumers today are looking for quality, packaging materials that they feel aren’t damaging the environment.  It might sound like a small thing, but studies show that customers are more likely to order from vendors who are proven to use biodegradable or recyclable materials.  So, next time you’re looking for a custom designed folder or a giveaway tote box that is branded for your company, think about what recyclable materials would be best to utilize.



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