News • Trade Shows and Promotional Packaging Materials: Why It’s Important

How much of a difference would your promotional packaging make at a trade show? You’d be surprised…

Standing out at a trade show is a lot like trying to gain attention in Times Square, there’s a million different things going on and you’ll only remember what you’re walking away with. Putting this into perspective, it’s imperative that your promotional packaging and marketing collateral generate enough interest at a trade show for creating a crowd and leaving a lasting impression. Here’s some more factors to help you understand why creating promotional packaging materials is the driving force for making waves at a trade show.

Open Lines of Communication

A powerful promotional package will spark interest for your service. Once you pull a prospect in, it’s time give them enough information that will make them want more. People always love free products, so small gestures with your information applied to them will not go unnoticed. A quick example that comes to mind would be a custom made binder with your company’s logo on it. Giving away promotional packaging materials like this is a sure-fire way to spread a good word about your company and entice more visitors to your tradeshow booth.

Promotional Product Lifespan

Surprisingly enough, when promotional materials are given away, they tend to promote longer than expected. A free pen from a trade show may live on in use at a nearby doctor’s office… or a promotional t-shirt has made its way into a jogger’s wardrobe, for example. A promotional package lasts longer than one would assume as well, so expect to receive the benefits long after your kindness is appreciated.

Positive Image

It’s a fact that the product you give away will leave a mark in a potential customer’s memory. Regardless if the product meets their demographic, you’ve already entered their consciousness to share with someone that would enjoy your service. This act of goodwill leaves a smile on their face, which your company is responsible for. Another factor along these same lines to keep in mind is that promotional packaging products, whether it be custom boxes or creative folders to hold your marketing collateral, provide a professional and polished look for your company. When exhibiting or attending a tradeshow, it’s imperative to display your products and materials with a certain sense of “creative professionalism” to draw and keep attention.

The More You Give, the More You Get

At this point, it’s painfully obvious that people love free products. However, once that free product enters their hands, it follows them throughout their ownership. The product (take a lunchbox for example) travels with that person, being used until it can no longer serve its purpose. Much like a chalkboard at the front of a store, your product’s message is being carried on and being plugged with every step they take. And not to mention, you’ll have happy repeat customers in no time!


These facts alone prove that a trade show is a great place to promote your products and services.  However, the true power lies with the promotional packaging materials that your collateral is equipped with. If you’d like to receive a quote on some custom and creative packaging materials for your next trade show, contact our team today!