Crawford Blog • Looking for Holiday Packaging Inspiration?

With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to think about sprucing up Presentyour packaging to surprise and amaze your customers. You want them to see the package and feel the holiday spirit before they take a look at what is inside. Since customers may even be sending gifts, having an appropriate packaging can improve the impression that they have of your company.

Focus on Winter Themes

If your company does not want to focus on a specific winter holiday, then opt for custom packaging that focuses on the season rather than the holiday. For example, snowflakes or snowmen are always appropriate in the winter because of the seasonal changes. It is festive enough to provide a bit of holiday cheer, but versatile enough to avoid any suggestion of an affiliation with a specific holiday.

Some winter theme ideas may include:

  • Snowflakes
  • Winter scenes
  • Sleigh ride images
  • Snowmen
  • Children playing in the snow

Depending on the complexity of the design you want, the scene that you select may vary. A simple snowflake or snowman image is always appropriate, regardless of the holiday that your customers are celebrating.

Focus on a Specific Holiday

Symbols that are associated with a specific holiday may be appropriate if your company is Snowflakecelebrating the holiday or you do not need to worry about the possibility that you may offend certain customers. Holiday-specific images may include:

  • Santa Claus images
  • Images of an angel
  • Reindeer
  • Dreidels
  • Pictures of wrapped presents
  • Holiday plants, like holly, mistletoe and Christmas trees

Holiday symbols may vary, so it is best to use a well-known symbol like a Christmas Tree if you are not sure about appropriate symbolism.

Spacing of Images

Although the images that you use are important for your custom packaging, you also want to consider the spacing between images. In some designs, you may only need one image that is placed on the front of the box. In other designs, you may choose to repeat the image in a pattern so that it covers the entire box.

Symbols or simple images like a snowflake are appropriate to repeat over the box. If you have an image like children playing in the snow, then it may be better to place the image on a specific location.

Creating a custom box that is appropriate for the holidays can help spread cheer and well-wishes to your customers. With the right design, you can encourage your customers to come back in the future.

Do you need help creating an eye-catching packaging design for the holiday season?  Check out our custom packaging design services and feel free to contact us!