Crawford Blog • Packaging: Your New Marketing Employee

When your business is starting to grow and you’ve noticed an increased demand for your products, it may seem tempting to just sit back and watch as you grow. Unfortunately, it is not enough for your product to be the best: you must also follow through by letting the world know about what you are offering. Offering a great product may be essential for your business, but marketing is the tool that allows your customers to recognize your brand and come back in the future. Using your packaging as another way to market your business may be the tool that you need to solidify the growth of your business.

Coke_ImageA simple way to market your company on the packages that your products are wrapped in or shipped in is by putting the logo on the package. Even if your company logo does not have the name of your business, your customers will begin to recognize your brand.

Believe it or not, your logo is a powerful marketing tool, especially if you have an interesting or memorable design. It will truly help consumers to easily identify your brand. When your customers recognize your logo, they are more likely to notice your stores or products in the future. This will ultimately result in customer retention.

Although the logo is an obvious marketing option, it is not the only way to get noticed. A package that has your company’s social media icons, the name of the business, or even the colors that are found in your logo can help. If you are not interested in putting an image on the package, then use a phrase that makes your business stand out. A phrase that relates to your products, services or your company’s ethical policies can be a powerful tool as long as it is short and concise.

The key to marketing with the packaging of your product is using items that your customers will recognize in the future. Select an image, phrase, or name that makes your customers think of your brand and products. Put that item on the box or package so that you give them a reminder of your brand whenever they order a new product.

Marketing is a key part of building up a reputation and brand. If you want to find alternative ways to market your business, make the most of your packaging. You’ll discover that it has a powerful impact on your existing and potential customers.

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