Crawford Blog • Best Practices for Product Packaging

You have a hot new product and you know that it’s useful, original, and will be in high demand as soon as the world knows about it. Then you start making sales, so you drive to the local mail packaging store, place your prized product in a standard delivery box and send it out there to your new customers. The new customer receives the product is thrilled with it and uses it often.Package_Image

This seems like a great scenario right? Think again. The product packaging cycle needs to be carefully thought out and planned. Imagine the scenario goes something like this instead:

You have a hot new product and start making sales. You know this product does not belong in plain box. Your product needs to be dressed in a manner fitting to its usefulness. So you contact Crawford Industries and come up with the perfect package for your product. At the mailing center the delivery person notices your logo on the box and goes on line that evening to find out what you are all about, then makes a purchase. The new customer receives the product and uses it often, but she cannot seem to just toss the package. It is too neat to throw away, so she is reminded of your business every time she comes across the package. She ends up making a second purchase and becomes a regular customer. Meanwhile her friend notices packaging she has been using for odds and ends with your business name all over it. She gives your product a great online review and you have a new customer just because of your package sitting on a counter.

A great product is important, but do not overlook the marketing power of the packaging. Your product’s package is like the cover of a book, people are bound to judge it.

Let the same creativity that went into building your business go in to the packaging of your product. Your product’s packaging does not have to look like anything else out there. It will be fully customized to represent the message you want your customers to receive at first glance.

Another option to consider is going eco-friendly with your packaging choices. There are a number of eco-friendly options available for your packaging needs, and choosing eco-friendly packaging sends a positive message to consumers of any product. Encourage reuse of the eco-friendly packaging if you can, to keep your product packaging out of landfills and also to keep your logo on the consumers mind as they reuse the box. Spreading your logo through packaging that is too neat to throw away is a free way to get your name out there.

Product packaging is a representation of your business, so make sure to use the best provider out there each and every time. That’s where Crawford Industries comes in!

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