News • Green Packaging: Using Recycled Materials

In recent years, many businesses have begun taking a look at green packaging. This is one of the best ways for these companies to reduce cost and also show their customers that they are environmentally friendly. It truly does make a significant impact on the environment. Companies have seen substantial benefits when they have opted to make this change.

The benefits of green packaging are endless!  Here are just a few:

First, it may come as a surprise just how much you can save by switching to this opti2nd_Genesis_Products_Imageon. There are many companies that can reduce their overall shipping weight by making a few simple green changes. It will be important to place an emphasis on using recycled materials. You may find that paper packaging can often be used, since it is readily available through recycle newspaper products. These paper packaging materials are often lighter weight, which means that your overall shipping costs will be reduced. If you haven’t thought about this yet, you may be impressed by the substantial savings that you can earn for your company.

Other businesses might want to consider utilizing recyclables that are able to be reused. This is particularly popular in business-to-business (b2b) shipping. If you know that you plan to ship a lot of products out to another company, work with them to negotiate the type of packaging you use. It can be tricky to find some of these products, but it will be worth the investment that you make. A well designed recyclable shipping container can help reduce the overall cost that businesses incur when they need to exchange these products between one another.

One of the most obvious benefits to consider when you determining whether or not to select green packaging materials, is your reputation. In today’s society, the Green Movement has swept the nation, and many companies are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. For shipping and packaging companies, one of the easiest ways to do this is switching to recyclable materials. You would be able to promote to your customers that you are not damaging the environment by using new materials with every new packaged item, and in turn they will gain some respect for your operations. You might also think about initiating an ad campaign letting your consumers know that you are making this change. This can help generate some buzz about your new green initiative.

There are a few other elements that will need to be considered if you want to incorporate recyclable packaging materials. Make sure that your new containers don’t use paraffin wax during their construction. This can often prevent them from being recycled later on after they are used. If you look around for an alternative, there are many better options for your shipments.

If your business needs help adapting to this green packaging movement, Crawford Industries is here to help. Our packaging services use recycled materials in our finished products. You can check out some information on our green policy here.

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