News • Two Markets to Consider Using Crawford Products

We know we need to broaden our customer base into other markets, but the challenges are where to sell and what to sell.  Crawford Industries wants to help ease the load by giving you 2 markets for you to consider and some plastic products you can sell into each of these market segments.

Market #1 – Specialty Shops/Stores

Specialty shops are popping up in communities all over the country.  These shops specialize in certain products that need packaging to fit their niche and market to their customers.  Specialty shops may include, Gourmet foods, Wine & Olive oils, Chocolate & Candies, Pet treats, Organic foods & remedies, Gift & Clothing boutiques and Spas.

gift-boxes-355Some products that would be a great choice into the specialty shop market could include, Gift boxes, Chinese take out box, Pillow packs, Recipe Box and Knock-down boxes.


Market #2 – Event/Retreat/Meeting Planning

2PcCovers-LrgMeeting, convention, and event planners coordinate all aspects of professional meetings and events. According to the 2010-11 edtion of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupation Outlook Handbook, employment of meeting and convention planners is expected to experience a growth rate of 16 percent between 2008 and 2018. Corporations will continue to outsource their meetings, employee promotions, seminars and team-building events and these functions can be hosted on- or off-site. These type of planners and event coordinators choose meeting locations, arrange transportation, and coordinate other details, like the type of packaging materials will be handed out during these events.

Some products that would make a great choice for the planning/event industry could include, Two-piece covers, Binders, FitRight Envelopes and Two-pocket folders.