News • Using Social Media in the Packaging Industry

One of the positive things that can be said about this economy is that it has sparked theĀ  entrepreneurial spirit in many people. In terms of product packaging, this is important because every store front that opens on places like Zazzle, Etsy, and even eBay need packaging materials and products. There are a lot of options out there from which consumers can choose. Nowadays, all online consumers are connected through their use of social media. The power of social media is the fast, inexpensive, and positive ability to reach the masses.

The recent changes to sites like Facebook have made marketing easier for companies to form fan bases. Consumers are now allowed to form groups which have added stratification to social media. Groups are powerful because they attract people of similar interests, such as artists, crafters, and small businesses. When we tie this together with sites like Zazzle and Etsy, then what we see is that smaller groups of targeted consumers are available, and many are interested in packaging supplies.

socialmedia_crawfordThe power of social media is found in the social network of friends, clients, and fans that groups build. A single target might have hundreds of friends all interested in the same topic. For example, let’s take an artist who sells work on eBay, and their fan base is 800 people. From a packaging perspective you not only have an artist who needs to ship work, but also one who has a fan base that is likely engaged in the same process. In short, your marketing can target upwards of 800 people that the artist has collected. Those 800 people have fans, friends, and followers who expand the network by miles. That is ultimately the power of social marketing. It allows your product to be rapidly shared, discussed, and viewed by a huge group of people who are all connected via social media networks.

Social media sites are powerful, especially for companies that provide product packaging. That power comes in the form of personalization. Social media sites allow companies to build better relationships with current customers while actively locating new leads. In competitive markets, social media is helping to elevate websites in search results. Social media also allows direct survey opportunities and gives your consumers a voice. This not only allows companies to adapt product innovation, but also to create better customer relations.

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