News • Selling in a World Full of Packaging

Having a seasoned sales force is essential to any business, especially in the packaging industry.  There is a certain level of “understanding” that all packaging salesmen need to have.  Whether it is your client’s needs and specifications, or your own company’s production capabilities, a lot of understanding goes into producing sales in the packaging industry.

Sales training is certainly a beneficial investment for your business.  Packaging seminars, product insight sessions, business development consultations are all common themes for programs that may be worthwhile.  Here at Crawford, we offer some of these very services.  Our sales training sessions are designed to help your business thrive.  We provide customer seminars in two ways either through an online webinar or onsite training at your facility where we demonstrate best practices for your sales force to follow.  Here are just a few of the available features that we provide:

  • On-site product packaging consultation
  • Product packaging webinars
  • Product packaging training with sales associates

More information on our sales consultation and training programs contact your sales representative here.

Another important factor in the sales process in this industry is that packaging is a silent salesman itself.  Enticing consumers to choose your specific product can be accomplished strictly through packaging efforts.  In this regard, a product’s packaging essentially becomes another sales technique.

Your company’s packaging methodology is extremely important to consider before sending your goods to wholesalers and distributers.  It is easier than you think to help your sales team.  Custom and unique packaging designs for your goods can go a long way to helping your business gain some consumer loyalty.  We have said it before and we will say it again: don’t underestimate the power of custom packaging.  It truly is a method of selling that works.

Be sure to contact us for more information on selling in the packaging industry.  We are happy and ready to help!