News • How Eco-Friendly Packaging Can Help Your Business

Is your business eco-friendly?  Are your products biodegradable?  What is your company’s carbon footprint?  These are all questions that modern day retailers need to consider.  Joining the “Green Movement” is essential for businesses in the packaging industry especially.  Being environmentally conscious can have a multitude of benefits for your packaging business, including manufacturing safe materials, effectively utilizing natural resources, and gaining community support.

Some of the measures that your business can take are:

  • Maximize the usage of recycled materials
  • Design packaging that most effectively utilizes its material
  • Replace your materials with sustainable alternatives
  • Learn from your vendors (or customers) about their methods of eco-friendly packaging
  • Design packaging with renewable resources
  • And last but not least, ask questions!  If you have any questions about how your business can become more eco-friendly, reach out to us.  We’re happy to help.

One of the most prominent examples of a company that is taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint is Sprint.  Take a look at their commitment to sustainable packaging in one of their latest blog posts.  More companies should certainly be following Sprint’s lead, and adopting Green Policies.  Helping the environment, while continuing to effectively operate your business, is a combination for success.  As the article states, “small changes can make a world of difference.”

To learn more about Crawford Industries, and our commitment to sustainable packaging, check out our Green Policy.