News • What’s Under Your Grill?

When asking the question, “what’s under your grill?”, you probably think were talking about what’s under the lid.  Its not just about the food that’s cooking, but it is also about the type of fuel source you use for those backyard barbecues.  The debate of whether to use gas or charcoal has been talked about over neighbor’s fences for a long time.  You might consider the advice from this source concerning gas versus charcoal.  Click here.

At Crawford Industries, we are going to have as many opinions on the subject as we have employees, but one thing is for sure, we like gas because we manufacture a decorative piece that hides the gas tank under the Weber grill.  As you can see from the photo above, we produce a custom color extruded sheet that is screen printed one color with the Weber logo.  Instead of seeing a large white tank, the grill appearance is enhanced with a decorative cover.  Got a project that needs a unique solution – let Crawford Industries help!