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Zipcar Literature Holder, PE Frost

Product Details Promoting your business starts with literature and literature needs to be displayed.  Zipcar used this one piece design to promote and display its literature at the store counter.  Made from frosted polyethylene and screen printed in 2 colors, this...

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Tower Wallcovering Slipcases, PE Frost

Product Details This rugged slipcase was intended for daily use pulling swatch samples in and out by clients and sales people.  Made from durable frost polyethylene in a heavy gauge makes for an ideal choice to display and house wallcovering samples.  The outside was...

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Target Retail Small Tote, PP Clear

Product Details This relatively small package was a set of three used in Target stores as a luxury bath promotional item.  The store used the item to promote the product to its clients.  These promotional totes were made from clear polypropylene and offset printed...

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Schoolfolio Kids Craft Tote, PE Frost

Product Details This is one big box, probably the biggest we have created to date.  Schoolfolio created the design to house all of the crafts and papers your kids make from K to 5th grade.  The large external box houses 6 internal boxes for each grade.  Each box is...

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Roche Accu-Chek Kit, PE White

Product Details Roche needed a sales kit to display the various components of the Accu-Chek system and an instructional How-to.  This was accomplished in one presentation kit.  The kit was made from white  polyethylene and screen printed with 3 colors both on the...

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Purina Chef Michaels Sampler Kit, PE PCR

Product Details Purina used this frosted polyethylene totebox made from recycled milk jugs as a promotional kit to launch samples of the new Chef Michaels dog food.  The box was screen printed in 3 PMS colors and the design features a scalloped front edge lid using a...

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