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Envelopes & Folders

Variety of Custom Two-Pocket Folders

Product Details The group of two pocket folders just demonstrates the variety and uniqueness we can provide in this product line. Using unique materials in clear, frosted, tinted or opaque colors can offer a "Stand-out" product. Along with great graphic printing...

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Tupperware Presentative Folder, PE White

Product Details The Tupperware company wanted document folders for the 3 levels of management within the organization. Each folder has 2 interior pockets which could hold up to 20 sheets of paper. The folder was produced using white polyethylene with our exclusion...

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Sushi Zushi Menu Folder, PE Black

Product Details This restaurant wanted a menu folder that showcased its creativity as much as the extraordinary food they made. The folder was made using black polyethylene and the outside was flood printed with a screen silver metallic accented by gray swirls and...

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Accu Check Presentation Folder, PE White

Product Details This folder has a convenient pocket for documents and holds a pad of paper. Roche designed the folder with its clients in mind to help in using the Accu Check device. Behind the square window is a clear pocket where a client name card was slid into the...

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Reliv Business Kit, PE Black

Product Details This multi-facetted folder was designed to function as a business presentation kit when meeting with prospective clients. This 3 panel folder has several features, which include 3 document pockets welded securely to the front and back panels, a...

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Mighty 8th Presentation Folder, PP Frost

Product Details This marketing firm wanted a presentation folder that communicated their image and present an uniqueness about their company. This expandable presentation folder uses both material and graphics to make a stunning presentation. Made from frosted...

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