Creative Presentation Kits – Why You Need Them

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When it comes to creating awareness for your brand, promoting your company goes a long way, which is why a lot of companies hire marketing firms to help them get more public recognition. The one thing a lot of these marketing firms do is tell the company that they are representing to have customized promotional products made for their company.


Why Custom Made Promotional Products?

The answer to this is pretty simple; having custom packaging products made for your business can serve a few purposes:

  1. Keep a consistently professional appearance. A lot of companies have custom products that have their company name or logo, because it helps their business look more professional, which is very important if you want to be taken seriously. Having a professional look is also very important if you want to attract new clients because it helps you define what your business is and what value you offer to clients.
  2. Gain publicity for your company. In this day and age, almost every company has some custom products that they give away to customers and prospective clients. Some give away pens, cups, or shirts with the company name on them while others give away binders, boxes, and folders. The bottom line is that this is an effective way to advertise your business and increase your brand recognition.


In What Types of Situations Can Custom Presentation Kits Be Useful?

As previously mentioned, custom presentation kits are a great way to expand your brand recognition, so they are useful in situations where you can reach a lot of people at the same time. Some of which include:

  1. Tradeshows: Tradeshows and exhibition fairs are a great opportunity to do some advertising for your business because they are usually attended by large crowds. The only problem with trade fairs is that the other companies that are present also recognize that it is a great opportunity to increase their brand recognition as well.  When you go to trade fairs, it’s crucial that you try to make your custom kit stand out, so as to differentiate your company from the others.
  2. Presentations: when you are trying to make a sales pitch to a potential client, having custom kits can be beneficial in a couple of ways; it helps your business look more professional, and they can also be given as gifts to members of the team that you are making the pitch to. It may help them keep your company in mind when making their final decision.
  3. Promoting Your Company Image: if you want to generate some goodwill for your company, nothing beats giving away free stuff because everybody likes free stuff! One of the best ways to buy that positive image for your company is to give away free custom kits, binders, or other small packaging materials to people, regardless of if they are prospective clients or not.


Learn how Crawford Industries can help you design and produce creative packaging and presentation kits that are sure to WOW prospects!

Make An Impression At Your Next Trade Show

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There are many reasons to make sure you have a promotional budget for your next trade show. These shows are a chance for you to communicate your brand, generate prospects, and share what makes your company worth remembering. For maximum impact, you will need to be prepared by budgeting for products that stand out.

Five of the most important reasons are:

  1. People love free things. There’s an expectation at most trade shows that attendees will receive more than a few promotional items. There is also a mindset of “you get what you pay for” that lowers expectations for these giveaways. When your promotional material are higher quality, they have a more substantial impact even after they are stowed away with the other items they have received.
  2. Setting aside a portion of your budget for promotional materials allows you to order more than just cozies and pens. Think about the things you use constantly in your office: binders, boxes, other organizing and packaging materials. People will seek out these items that they can utilize and pay less attention to the tee shirts and thin hats.
  3. Creative, engaging binders, boxes, and other packaging materials will not only be useful but will be used and stand out. When you budget for these items to be well made and designed by professionals, the promotional items are more likely to draw the eye of someone milling through crowded trade show aisles.
  4. Your bright and useful promotional items will draw the eye of attendees from across the room. They will be more interested in stopping to talk to you and you have the time to communicate your brand. You can start a successful business relationship with the right eye catching materials, if you are prepared with a budget beforehand.
  5. Well made and creatively designed materials will be used after the trade show. That’s multiple impressions day after day of your brand targeted to potential customers. Yours will be the binder, the organizer, the box, or the stand that the executive assistant is using to pass on reports and files because your business budgeted for something better than average.

Preparing to budget and then purchase quality items for marketing will have a positive impact on everything you do at the trade shows you attend.  And remember, you know where to find us if you ever need help with promotional packaging materials for your events!

The Many Benefits Of Effective Packaging (For Any Company!)

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Every logo is the seal of a company’s products and brand; it is the business ‘birthright’ that gives a brand its individual class and distinction. There are 5 main reasons that every business should have personal promotion/packaging that promotes their brand. They are:

  • To enhance marketing and brand recognition
  • Positively define what the business is and what it sells
  • Set strong consumer trends
  • Appeal to the senses of prospects, while persuading them toward purchase
  • Act as a pricing benchmark

Using appropriate packaging is a benchmark that convinces consumers of a business’s financial savvy and consideration for customers at the same time. It sends a subliminal message to buyers that says, “this company cares about where and how consumers spend money, but also strives to please them with quality presentation.” Convincing appeal combined with a quality product assures buyers of the company’s consistency.

Visual marketing works ten times faster than written media. If your promotional packaging materials work as a sales pitch – via being an efficient communicative visual tool – the prospects will ‘see’ what they are getting without even opening the product. In other words, packaging relates the value of the company by displaying its product’s worth subconsciously to the consumer. For instance, a company that will make an investment into custom promotional materials for a trade show is more likely to draw in consumers and entice them toward their products. The primary reason for this is because the company’s value is displayed through the representation of its branding on packaging materials.

Eye-appealing packaging that stands out, despite humdrum surroundings, will draw attention to your product faster than standard, generic packaging. Think about it: when you see a product, are you tempted to purchase it because of its description, the packaging, or both? Coloring, wording and creativity in the packaging will draw clients to your product like a magnet. The price for vibrant, bold promotional and packaging materials will be well worth the investment in the long run.

Get consumers to know and understand your product and business. Promotional packaging should be design and developed in direct relation to your product’s core values. Having your brand name and part of your advertising campaign or logo on every piece of marketing collateral will set a standard by which your company has a solid foundation and identity consumers can acknowledge. This absolutely includes packaging materials.

All in all, there’s no denying it; packaging is a speedy marketing tool. It does the work of attracting clients, selling your brand and showcasing who you are all in one neat ‘package.’ This is a three-in-one promotion in one place for one price. The majority of the time, promotional packaging works faster to generate sales than a human agent – it gets attention and truly sells your brand.

Trade Shows and Promotional Packaging Materials: Why It’s Important

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How much of a difference would your promotional packaging make at a trade show? You’d be surprised…

Standing out at a trade show is a lot like trying to gain attention in Times Square, there’s a million different things going on and you’ll only remember what you’re walking away with. Putting this into perspective, it’s imperative that your promotional packaging and marketing collateral generate enough interest at a trade show for creating a crowd and leaving a lasting impression. Here’s some more factors to help you understand why creating promotional packaging materials is the driving force for making waves at a trade show.

Open Lines of Communication

A powerful promotional package will spark interest for your service. Once you pull a prospect in, it’s time give them enough information that will make them want more. People always love free products, so small gestures with your information applied to them will not go unnoticed. A quick example that comes to mind would be a custom made binder with your company’s logo on it. Giving away promotional packaging materials like this is a sure-fire way to spread a good word about your company and entice more visitors to your tradeshow booth.

Promotional Product Lifespan

Surprisingly enough, when promotional materials are given away, they tend to promote longer than expected. A free pen from a trade show may live on in use at a nearby doctor’s office… or a promotional t-shirt has made its way into a jogger’s wardrobe, for example. A promotional package lasts longer than one would assume as well, so expect to receive the benefits long after your kindness is appreciated.

Positive Image

It’s a fact that the product you give away will leave a mark in a potential customer’s memory. Regardless if the product meets their demographic, you’ve already entered their consciousness to share with someone that would enjoy your service. This act of goodwill leaves a smile on their face, which your company is responsible for. Another factor along these same lines to keep in mind is that promotional packaging products, whether it be custom boxes or creative folders to hold your marketing collateral, provide a professional and polished look for your company. When exhibiting or attending a tradeshow, it’s imperative to display your products and materials with a certain sense of “creative professionalism” to draw and keep attention.

The More You Give, the More You Get

At this point, it’s painfully obvious that people love free products. However, once that free product enters their hands, it follows them throughout their ownership. The product (take a lunchbox for example) travels with that person, being used until it can no longer serve its purpose. Much like a chalkboard at the front of a store, your product’s message is being carried on and being plugged with every step they take. And not to mention, you’ll have happy repeat customers in no time!


These facts alone prove that a trade show is a great place to promote your products and services.  However, the true power lies with the promotional packaging materials that your collateral is equipped with. If you’d like to receive a quote on some custom and creative packaging materials for your next trade show, contact our team today!

Packaging: So Much More Than A Cover-Up

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It is time to give packaging the careful thought and attention it deserves. For too long packaging has been relegated to the depths of practicality and necessity only. While in actuality packaging gives you the opportunity to make a bold statement in a subtle way. There are a number of ways that you can accomplish this in a simple and easy manner.

Snag Their Interest With Just One Glance

The old saying about how important first impressions are still holds true today. Your customers should be filled with holiday cheer when they see your choice of wrapping. The appropriate wrapping will showcase not only the holiday, but your brand as well. The ability to customize the way you wrap allows your brand to stay on top of current events that are ever-changing, such as the holidays, all while remaining fresh in a crowded business market.

Protect Your Products and Advertise Your Brand

If you think packaging is something that just serves as a protectant for your products, then you are missing a prime opportunity to capture your audience’s eye during the busy holiday season. Regardless of your target segment of the population, you can use your packaging to increase appeal to them. Due to this appeal they will be more likely to purchase your product. When the right packaging is used, your potential customer knows immediately that your brand is celebrating the holidays with their customers. This shared holiday spirit resonates deeply with them. This type of connection will build repeat customers over the long term.

Cushion and Build Your Brand in One Convenient Product

If you ship products to customers – whether they are individuals or other businesses – you know how important it is that they arrive safely. Choosing the right packaging does not mean that it has to be boring and bland. Instead, you can liven things up inside your packaging by adding cushioning materials that are unique to your business. Wrapping and packaging materials that feature your logo and business colors help build awareness of your brand from the inside out.

Packaging customized to your liking allows you to establish your brand across all elements of your product. From the first glance that your customers have of a product to the way that it is cushioned during shipping, there are numerous ways that you can feature the unique elements of your brand to your customers. These original and creative features will help your brand stand apart from your competitors.

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