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Reinvent Your Packaging Image in 2014

One of the beautiful things about starting the New Year is the ability to reinvent your company's image in 2014. Creative packaging, with a unique marketing flair, is a chance to make a powerful first impression. Gone are the years where a simple brown box...

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Looking for Holiday Packaging Inspiration?

With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to think about sprucing up your packaging to surprise and amaze your customers. You want them to see the package and feel the holiday spirit before they take a look at what is inside. Since customers may even be...

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The Evolution of Modern Packaging

Years ago, producers did not worry about packaging products for sale and transport. However, over time we have developed strategies and tactics to successfully package our consumer goods.  In today’s modern times, packaging has even become crucial for a business’s...

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Packaging: Your New Marketing Employee

When your business is starting to grow and you've noticed an increased demand for your products, it may seem tempting to just sit back and watch as you grow. Unfortunately, it is not enough for your product to be the best: you must also follow through by letting the...

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Best Practices for Product Packaging

You have a hot new product and you know that it's useful, original, and will be in high demand as soon as the world knows about it. Then you start making sales, so you drive to the local mail packaging store, place your prized product in a standard delivery box and...

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