Green Policy

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Though “sustainability” is the new buzzword, it speaks volumes concerning our responsibility to being good stewards of our natural resources and the environment. Crawford Industries’ commitment to sustainability is an on-going process as we seek to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into our business and its products.

Our commitment to sustainability is:

  • Manufacture materials that are beneficial, safe and healthy throughout its life-cycle
  • Learn from suppliers and customers on ways of improving our sustainability
  • Develop strategic partnerships for running a better and more sustainable business
  • Develop materials to meet customers criteria for performance and cost
  • Maximize the use of renewable or recycled source materials
  • Design packaging that optimizes the use of materials

The GREEN Alternatives to Rigid Vinyl

Our polyethylene and polypropylene are sustainable alternatives over rigid vinyl. Here are some reasons why our materials are Green alternatives.

  • PE and PP are recyclable – rigid vinyl is not
  • PE and PP have no toxins or hazardous material, like no phthalates, no VCM or no extractable
  • PE and PP are less expensive because of its density or weight

Both our materials are a completely recyclable printable substrate.

2nd Genesis Products: Recycled Milk Jug Material

When you turn in plastics for recycling they are reprocessed and made into new products. We believe it’s important to minimize our impact on the planet by re-using reclaimed plastic hence PolyPro has developed our 2ndGenesis™ Recycled sheet and products.

Our 2nd Genesis™ is extruded polyethylene post-consumer plastic (PE-PCR) from reclaimed milk jugs which can be converted into many packaging applications. Not only is 2ndGenesis™ good for the environment it is typically less expensive than virgin PE resin.

Recycled Products